Ice Screen Project:


The Ice Screen Project is a TAMK project that started on the 25th of January 2011 which is part of a future film course. This course is available for both exchange students and degree students and therefore there are a variety of cultures and backgrounds shown within the results.


This project runs every year during the third and fourth period and is a three week long course that has two parts. The first part is to create a short film to project onto an ice screen/sculpture which is completely up to the student to decided what they video. The second part is to create the ice screens/sculptures by cutting ice from a frozen lake.


This project takes place on a nearby lake called lake Nasijrvi allowing local people to come and see what the students have been doing. Although due to weather conditions in 2011 this part of the course took place in Lapland in a town called Sauvikoski which was an excellent opportunity for the students.